Tuesday, 21 September 2010

goodbyes and hello's

and welcome to another episode of the infrequent drivel that is this blog!

and finally i've finished a few things.. the Scania's for work have been done and are now inhabiting the head ofice of ALC in Bicester

here's a couple of snaps of one of them installed in it's pretty DSC Showcase, quite literally the night before i handed them over!

i d think they do look the part, the uh komatsu's on the back also look good, and as usual the the final recipient was very happy so everything is good!

just got to hope we can keep the contract, up against a bunch of rateslashing agricultural hauliers from leyburn!

also finished is the brown group daf, that featured earlier in the blog.
as you can tell bythe pics, its a belter!
this really recreates the prototype which is the look i was aiming for!
just dont remind me about doing the bloody number plates!!
and the next instlment will explain how much i despise a certain kit....

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