Friday, 21 May 2010

a bit of a catchup

well..... i've finally managed to get a mo to point a camera at things currently demanding time on the work bench
first up another job for work, more silver and purple ALC liveried wagons with matching loads

and for a change these have two almost JCB 4CXM's on the back... not quite really as they are UH's Komatsu WB97's repainted and tweaked and a spares pack fabricated and placed in the buckets

at this point all im waiting for is decals and some beacons for the roof

and lurking in the background is this beauty!!!

a model of the Brown group's DAF2800 with a 4 axle nooteboom low loader

the tractor is from WSI, which is very nice to start with, a fairly simple repaint with the addition of correct mudguards, headboard and a chaintray

also as its a right hand drive it requires the cranked aircleaner as found on them... a bit of head scratching and scrap plastic and this appeared!!!!

The trailer itself is also a bit of an animal! its an early 80's prototype so needed the heavyweight neck scratchbuilding, i think its captured the prototype quite well.
Pictures of which can be found in my flickr photostream which can be found here: http://
this one is going to be a surprise present for the former driver of it!, just got to finish it.....
worringly enough there seems to be a queue of stuff for other people building up!
next to make an appearence is ALE's Unipower MH8875 (to give it its full title), which preliminary investigation is going to be a proper pain in the bot! as there is lots of discrepancis in the asam kit to be rectified! but this will warrant a post all of its own..
also in the queue is driver mechanical services Volvo FH16, Cadzows scania 143 8x4.......
is there no end in sight!
anyway, other challenges this week involve a mastiff with a damaged tail!!!
anyway ttfn!